Magic Icelandic: Ben and Allison’s Honeymoon Video

This is an awesome video slideshow that captures Ben and Allison’s honeymoon in Iceland. This was somewhere Allison had visited before, but the first time for Ben. Shutterbugs that they are, they both took a ton of great photographs.

Allison and I traveled counter-clockwise around the island on the ring road, starting in Reykjavík on March 26, 2010. We saw countless waterfalls, glaciers, lagoons, rock formations, horses, and fjords. We bathed in geothermal water every chance we could get.

Lovely, lovely images. This looked like an amazing trip, guys. You chose a perfect preview image for the video, and holy crap what a final photo to end on!

Ben and Allison Are ENGAGED!
Ben and Allison Get Married

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