New Year’s Eve with the Bunnies

For New Year’s Eve, Liz and I spent a quiet night at home with the bunnies. When we went into the kitchen to get some champagne, Quincy immediately followed us in (as he always does) on the lookout for food.

Quincy with some friends.

As the clock counted down to midnight, we gave the rabbits a few treats. In addition to some herbs (sage), we also gave them each a handful of raisins.

Liz, checking in on Baxter.

Wanting a little more greens, Baxter decides to nibble the christmas tree.

Happy nom nom new year!

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  1. Ouch! Baxter, those Christmas tree needles look like they would hurt your little bunny tongue!

    Allison Reply

  2. It can’t be to tough on the tongue since they’ve completely eaten the whole lower part of our Christmas tree. They have to stretch up on their back legs to get at the branches above. I don’t have the heart to stop them because they look so cute doing it.

    Liz Reply

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