The Protein Powder From the Future

We were running low on protein powder, and Liz came home with this. Truth be told, the main reason she got this was that our gym carried it… and the flavor was something we hadn’t had before.

I haven’t really been keeping to a schedule with protein powder. I used to have it as a snack, once during the day. This was back when I was eating a small snack, at 3 hour intervals, throughout the day. That’s pretty much disappeared, and now I mainly have a protein shake on the days where I go in to the gym – right before a workout.

I know the designers of this are pushing for a more dramatic, tech-y kind of feel. But to me, this looks less like something you would consume and more like something you would use as fuel for your hyperdrive rocketship of the future. Perhaps that was the intent behind the design and packaging. But the look of it, coupled with the “Cookies and Cream” flavor label in the corner, gave me a chuckle.

I’m at a point now where I’m ok with these protein shakes. They’re tolerable, but not something I’d actively seek out. Liz says that the new flavor is pretty tasty, but we’ll see. Despite all the good flavors we’ve had (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate)… I still have to exert a little effort in chugging them down, from time to time.

// Edit: Just tried one for the first time this AM. They’re tasty, but still a little ‘meh’ in my book. Might have to do with me not being able to eat very much, when I’m up early in the morning.

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  1. I prefer the protein shakes in the AM, mostly because I have a hard time eating actual, real food. For whatever reason… despite the fact that I’m super hungry? When it’s early in the morning, food kind of makes me nauseous.It may have something to do with the fact that I know I need to eat by X time, and that I’m under the gun a bit. I usually don’t think I have this problem, but most mornings before the gym… it’s tough enough to choke down some eggs, and the protein shakes help out a lot.

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