Flash Dev Humor In The World Of Glitch, Continued

A while ago, I mentioned a funny object I encountered in the world of Glitch: a Flash SWF object.

Well, today I came across the other two components to the puzzle… and when had all three in the same spot, they formed into a single object and had this announcement: You’ve got multiple SWFs! That makes a Flash based MMO!

As I suspected… when you put the files together, it creates a mini game object: a mini-Glitch. If you read the description, you’ll get a pretty good sense of the style (and tone) throughout the game.

Sadly, there wasn’t a playable game-within-a-game that I was hoping. When you tried to play it, you were greeted with a rather long preloader… a few seconds of a character, walking around… and then a note that Flash crashed.

Very silly stuff – particularly if you’re someone who’s worked with Flash before. It’s small things like this that make Glitch such a fun place to explore (and to waste time).

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Flash Dev Humor In The World Of Glitch

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