I’m on Gawker! Well… Sorta

Allison happened to spot a gem of a thing that happened yesterday: a photo that Ben had taken of me (dressed like a robot), was used on Gawker!

I’m guessing a huge part of how they found this photo was due to the fact that Ben posted the image with a Creative Commons license. It was free for use, so long as credit was given back to the original author (which it was, if you check out the article).

What a strange and surreal thing to see. Kind of fitting too, since this was my Halloween costume from last year.

Both Ben and Allison have had a lot of good fortune with CC-licensed photos, and other people wanting to use them. First Flickr, now Gawker. Can’t wait to see what’s next…

Ben And Allison’s Honeymoon Photos Used In Flickr Commercial
Robot Halloween Costume, 2010

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