The Low Anthem: To Ohio

Just came across The Low Anthem for the first time, and am really digging a lot of songs from their album Oh My God, Charlie Darwin. In particular, I’ve been really taken with their song “To Ohio.”

Guess who’s going to have this looping repeatedly, for the next week or so?

Perhaps it’s the wine I’ve been drinking, but in thinking of Ohio I’m thinking of my time in graduate school, my writer friends. I’m fondly remembering parties, Halloween, silliness, celebrations and farewells.

But in equal measure, Ohio makes me think of two people that should be… that I wish were still around – David Citino and Ann Paeth.

Ohio to me is a lovely place, and a lovely time to remember. I need to make my way back there again.

Goodbye, Columbus
The Last Cricket In Ohio Sings A Song Of Wilderness
With Three International Students On The Olentagy Bridge In Ohio
Road Trip, Continued
Smelling the Snow
Memorial for David Citino
Ann Paeth: One Year Ago

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  1. It really is a lovely place, isn’t it? I’m still surprised by how much I love Ohio. Definitely let me know if you make your way down for a visit!

    Margaret Reply

  2. Yeah, Felix, so when are you coming here?

    juliet Reply

    • I need to slate a road trip – maybe when it warms up, in the Spring?

      With Larry’s having closed down, where do people go anymore? Is there anywhere that comes close?

      avoision Reply

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