The Obliteration Room: Thousands of Children With Thousands of Stickers

The Obliteration Room
is an installation by Yayoi Kusama, featuring a fairly large, domestic space containing chairs, tables, and even a piano. Kusama took all of these items and painted them white, leaving the room looking very stark and clinical.

Then… children are allowed into the space, each armed with a handful of stickers. Over time, the blankness of the room is overtaken with an eruption of colors – placed onto the walls, the floor. Nearly every available space is overrun with color.

There are a great collection of images on Colossal, as well as the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art Blog. You can also find out more about Kusama’s other work at the official site.

I only wish they had some video or a timelapse of the event. Based on just a few photographs… the transformation looks incredible. I would love to see the actual process on film – as the waves of kids come through, and the whole room slowly gets taken over… dot by dot by dot.

Stunning photo of child at piano, taken by Stuart Addelsee.

[via Colossal]

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