The Results of Me Giving Chris $5 to Gamble With, While in Vegas

While Chris was in Vegas for work (attending the 2012 NAB Conference with Ben, Rey, Deb and Chris C), I wanted him to place some bets for me.

I’ll occasionally do this with friends – give them $5 so that they can be my proxy at whatever gambling establishment they go to. Sometimes it goes well, and othertimes not so well.

This was one of those other times.

On returning, Chris handed me a voucher for 15 cents. This is all that remains of my $5, which according to him disappeared rather quickly. His game of choice? The Sex and the City slot machine, of course.

Funny story: as Chris started to play the machine, a woman sat down next to him and said This is my favorite game! She then apparently popped in $200 dollars on the other Sex and the City slot machine, nearby.

Chris explained to me that he was a little baffled at the game, and before he knew what was happening… all he had left was 15 cents. I called foul on this, as… how complex could this game be?

So this video might show multiple games simultaneously on one screen, but man… I stand corrected. It looks like a chaotic swirl of shoes and Mr. Bigs and fabulousness. I’m pretty familiar with the show, and even I couldn’t make much sense of the gameplay video.

After all’s said and done, the kicker is that I actually don’t have 15 cents. I have a paper voucher for that amount. And technically it’s a voucher that expires in 60 55 days.

Now all I have to do is convince my wife that us going to Las Vegas to retrieve this money makes good, financial sense. After all, I can’t be expected to just let the 15 cent voucher expire.

That… that would just be throwing money away.

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