Burrito Bison Revenge: Awesomely Addictive Flash Launch Game

For those of you that remember the original Burrito Bison game, the sequel is now out! Totally excited by this, as I lost a ton of time playing the first one… and the second is just as addictive.

Quick recap of the first game: you’re a luchador with a bison mask who, during a routine trip to the grocery store, was kidnapped into Candyland and forced to become a gladiator for a world populated by gummy bears. Using the ropes from the boxing ring where you were imprisoned, you launched yourself into the air to freedom, slamming down on gummy bears periodically (using your rocket underpants), breaking through walls, and finding your way home.

Synopsis for the new game: you’re back at the grocery store, but when you try to check out… you realize you dropped your wallet. You go back to Candyland.

The whole game is really well designed, and just as fun as the first. It’s got an even slicker interface, more options during the upgrade process, and a few additional enemies to contend with in the ring.

Tucked inside the game are a few random gems like gummy bears flying airplanes, propeller hats, and a small nod to nyan cat.

The game is remarkably simple in its control: all you do is use the spacebar. But at several points in the game, depending on the powerup, you may need to do different things (hold the spacebar, repeatedly tap, etc). For a one button game, it’s surprisingly versatile.

Lots of fun, and I’ve probably put in at least 40 minutes… and I’m still not done with the thing. Definitely worth checking out, but fair warning on the timesuck. I kept feeling the pull to try just one more time, and had to force myself to walk away from the computer.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I need to… do something.

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