Major to Minor: Popular Songs Shifted to a Minor Key

Chase Holfelder has an ongoing series entitled Major to Minor where he takes well-known songs in major keys and shifts them into minor. Above is his version of Girls Just Want to Have Fun. For comparison, here’s the original.

With the change to minor, the songs very naturally take on a sad and melancholic tone. At the very beginning, Holfelder reminds me a bit of a pop-ier Sufjan Stevens. I’m not a huge fan of the dramatic layering that happens around 2:25, but still – this version of the song is a great one, even if I would have preferred it without guitars/drums.

Another rather haunting song he performs is his version of The Star-Spangled Banner. Worth checking out.

If you want to get lost for a good while, make sure to visit this MetaFilter post and search through all the links. Lots of really great songs, bopping around from major to minor and back again.

// Edit: For some reason, I was reminded of Matt Kresling’s Seventeen. Perhaps it’s due to a sense of nostalgia triggered by this song, but Kresling’s video captures the feeling of looking back pretty well.

“Losing My Religion” by REM, Shifted to a Major Scale
The Morning Benders: Crosseyed
Music from Bloomington, Indiana, Circa 1997: Java and Chive

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  1. What makes even more sense is that the song was written for a male vocalist in the first place.

    Will Reply

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