Clicker Heroes: Addictive Clicker Game (Where You Eventually Don’t Need to Click Anything)

Clicker Heroes
is another addictive, incremental game where the premise is pretty straight-forward: click to battle monsters, and progress to the next level. You get gold for each monster you defeat, which you can then use to purchase other people/skills to help you defeat more monsters. So you can then get more gold to… you get the idea.

After a while, the numbers start to get a little crazy. And at a certain point, you really don’t need to be clicking very much at all (which should save you some serious damage to your fingers and wrists).

Similar to Cookie Clicker, this game has a lot of achievements to unlock. Clicker Heroes is really well designed, with some great characters, backgrounds, and animations… but it kind of just does the same thing, over and over.

Which I realize is a silly thing to say, because it’s a type of game that does exactly that: give you the same thing, over and over. I guess for me, it’s started to feel more repetitive and the draw of trying to get all the achievements isn’t that strong (whereas playing Cookie Clicker felt like an actual real-life problem at times).

Worth noting: this game is made with Flash and (at least for me) may start to bog down your machine after a while. But that said, you can shut down the game and it will keep track of when you last played. On returning, you’ll find that you have accrued a ton of gold, as the game keeps on factoring your progress even if you’ve closed the browser down entirely.

So the game itself isn’t all that addictive, but the leveling-up process is. Which I guess is the draw with this kind of thing.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some upgrades to purchase.

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