Hyde Park Used Book Sale

This morning, I headed to our nearby French bakery to pick up some pastries for breakfast. On arriving in the courtyard near the store, I saw a ton of people and… a ton of books!

I had forgotten that today was the Hyde Park Used Book Sale, and the courtyard was really jam-packed with people browsing for something to read.

Spotted a set of encyclopedias, and it reminded me of my days working in the Technical Services department at the Monroe County Public Library, in Bloomington, IN. In addition to processing new books, we also handled the discards – and from time to time, we’d get encyclopedia sets to mark for our book sales.

I was an undergraduate at the time, and snagged an old encyclopedia set for myself. It was cool and useful to have around, but it’s harder to imagine a need for these things nowadays. Right now, I don’t have the space or the need for a set, but there’s still a voice in my head that said “Oh, encyclopedias! We should get a set.”

There were clearly marked sections, based on subject matter. So there was clearly some organization prior to the sale, as far as grouping and sorting out the books. But part of the feel of the event made me think it was kind of a “free for all,” which I guess is the case at sales like this. And part of the attraction, I suppose.

Checkout area. With a lot of boxes, in the background.

The thing I loved the most to see? People hauling away boxes of books.

I saw a Twitter post recently about reading, which I thought was rather nice. Was reminded of it again, when I stumbled across the book sale today.

Free Books, Hyde Park

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