Saturday is Attic Day

The front door to my office.

My Saturdays are fast turning into attic days. With winter here and the temperature dropping, we need to get the attic set up with new insulation. But before we can do that, there’s a lot to clean up.

Last weekend, I got a good amount done. What remains is a row of old insulation that runs along the north wall. This is where I had previously stacked a ton of plywood boards (so that I could get to the old in the middle, and along the south wall).

And the packing peanuts. Ugh! There was a ton of crap up here that was taken out, but it seems as though the prior owners though the packing peanuts would help with the insulation. So in certain spots, it’s just everywhere.

I got a good amount bagged up today, with maybe a 4 foot section remaining. There’s a very large area near where our turret is (along the west side), which I may just give up on for this winter.

Cleaning out that area would require me to crawl and shovel things out on my belly… and we may just let this be until the Spring. We have plans to open up the ceiling here anyways, so maybe that part of the attic will just stay old/dirty for now.

The tough part is that these cleaning sessions still leave behind trace bits of insulation. I’m using a dustpan to kind of scoop up large chunks, but I’m not leaving each row spotless before I move on.

So the next step will be to get a small shop vac up here, and really clear out each row. It seems like it will be super tedious, but in an odd sort of way… I’m really looking forward to that. Short of cleaning out the basement, the attic has really been the toughest (and dirtiest) job with the house. It’ll be nice to actually get this thing cleaned and clear, and to have new insulation down.

Soon, soon.

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