My Name is Phyllis

Went to Wendy’s last week, after realizing that I was closer to this location now that I’m in a newer office 3x a week. As part of the process, they take your name down and call out to you once your order is ready.

It’s funny – a friend mentioned that I see to have regular trouble with my name like this, but also that I seem to be the one constant in every single scenario. So it’s very likely my own pronunciation or diction causing this.

No… no… I think it’s everyone else in the world that’s wrong, here.

Honestly, the “Phyllis” variation is a really fun one. I need to pay more attention, as each time this happens there’s a small sequence of hilarity that happens incredibly quickly: I mention my name, the person hears “Phyllis,” the person thinks “That’s a strange name for a dude,” and then the person thinks “Screw it, whatever. Phyllis.”

// Edit: Just realized the server spelled “Phyllis” wrong. I guess she did try to transform it into a dude’s name after all.

Well, I Guess It’s Close Enough
Swing and a Miss…

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  1. I think the real hilarity comes in when you’re standing there waiting for your food and hear them calling “Phyllis!” over and over… and it slowly dawns on you that YOU are “Phyllis” and you have to walk up and get your food and everyone else standing there waiting is like, “That dude’s name is Phyllis?”

    The long hair does not help you here. ;)

    Chris Reply

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