tabtag: Glowing Macbook Stickers

I learned about tabtag through Product Hunt a week or so ago, and was so taken with the idea that I bought a sticker almost immediately.

These guys fit over the Apple logo on your laptop, and because the stickers are semi-transparent… they light up in interesting ways when your laptop is “on.”

The neat thing? They’re re-usable. So you can put one on your laptop without making it a permanent thing, and can technically re-use it more than once.

While there are some fun design choices, there weren’t a ton of them. I landed on the penrose triangle, which I learned is an impossible object.

And here’s the sticker on my laptop! Neat stuff. It’s a work machine, so it’s doubly nice that I can have it customized without worrying I’ll somehow need to scrape things off when I return the thing.

While I’m a fan of Apple products, I like that this makes me laptop feel a little less like everyone else’s. I don’t quite have the money to pull off a custom cover, so for now… I think tabtag stickers will be the way to go.

[via Product Hunt]

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