Saturday, in the (Ball) Park

On Saturday, we had the good fortune to be invited to a Cubs game, courtesy of Jake. He’s got season tickets, and was in town this weekend… and offered to take us to the game. The last time I was at a Cubs game was… ages ago, honestly. I think it might have been circa 2000, back when the company I worked for hired a trolley and treated all the employees for a day trip.

Jake and Liz, in our bleacher seats.

Directly below us, there was a guy who had a scorecard. It reminded me of the 1949 Cubs scorecard we found when we were working on the basement.

Every time I saw him writing in the thing, I couldn’t help but try to imagine how things might be 50, or even 60, years from now. I found it actually very moving, each time.

Our view of the field. The crowd was a touch rowdy (particularly the women sitting next to us), but nothing terrible. Jake was telling some stories about how he’d seen a lot of fights break out in the stands, but things were perfectly fine by us.

One thing I forgot to photograph: the Hot Dougs sausages that are now available at at the ball park (despite the store closing)! I had heard about this, but totally forgot they were available.

A Cubs game, at Wrigley Field, with a little Hot Doug’s. What a perfectly Chicago kind of afternoon.

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