Let the Packing… Commence

Last night, as I was coding… Liz was also in the office, starting to pack. Because most of our place is under construction, my office area doubles as our closet.

It’s no surprise Liz is taking her time, figuring out her wardrobe. She’ll be travelling with Michelle and Meg, who themselves will have their own fantastic (and handmade) outfits.

Funny thing – for much of the evening, I could hear the *ping* of Liz’s cellphone, as they were all chatting with one another. Apparently, as our respective departure dates near… it’s now “crunch time.”

While Liz is doing this now, I actually did this about a week ago. I haven’t packed yet because we’re still set to do one final round of laundry, but I did a similar inventory of what I intended to wear/bring.

Having recently bought a lot of new/nicer clothes, and having spent no small amount of money on said clothes… I see why these ladies spend so much time/energy creating their own.

New Office, Clean Office
Shopping for New Clothes

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  1. Oh no… I did NOT “JUST” start – I’ve been planning outfits for at least a month now my dear.

    Liz Reply

    • You have a very impressive, day-by-day outfit list.

      avoision Reply

  2. I cannot wait to see all the lovely outfits you’ve both packed!

    Meg Reply

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