Quincy Returns for More Acupuncture

Today, I ended up taking Quincy in to his acupuncture appointment at Integrative Pet Care. Liz has been taking him these past few weeks, but was unable to today – so it was my turn to go.

On arriving, I was marveling at all the different rooms and stations set up for various treatments. Liz got a lot of great photos the last time she was here, and today was my first visit in person.

Though acupuncture isn’t something either of us feel strongly about, Quincy has definitely seemed to gained some benefits. We tried laser therapy a few times, with little to show for it. But he definitely seems to have perked up a lot since we started acupuncture.

I learned that the doctor tends to go for 15 minute treatments for pain, though some animals may vary in terms of how they respond to the duration. Quincy seemed to fare a little worse the last few times, so she reduced the treatment time from 15 minutes to around 7-8 minutes.

It was a little difficult to watch the needles go in (due to our prior experience with them). I think he struggled a little more during his earlier visits, and was much better this time around (though he did squirm a little towards the end). Poor little guy.

The doctor (and the intern) were really nice the whole time though, and made sure to keep soothing and calming him throughout the procedure.

Afterwards, Quincy got a nice massage. It may be hard to tell from this angle, but he was really loving what was happening here.

One concern we’ve had is that Quincy tends to fare a little worse after we transport him. In the past, when we’ve gone to/from Liz Rench’s place… he sometimes gets a little off balance, and will move in circles. This usually fades if we help cover his eyes and let him regain his balance, but my worry has been that the stress of transporting him is causing some of his difficulties.

When we got home afterwards, he seemed fine. So there’s definitely improvement in that regard. One of the last things I want is for the process (taking him for these procedures) to be the cause of his discomfort.

While at Integrative Pet Care, I really, really wanted to look around at all the rooms and stations. I wanted to go in and watch one of the dogs walking in the water tanks. But having Quincy there, all I wanted was to get him home and comfortable again, as quickly as possible. Maybe one of these days, when he’s faring better… I might take a little time, and look around some more.

Acupuncture Therapy for Quincy the Rabbit
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