Anthony D’Amato: A Kick in the Teeth

I happened to be perusing the “New Releases” section on Spotify, and ran across the album “Cold Snap” by Anthony D’Amato.

I had the album playing in the background for a good part of the day, a few days ago. I wasn’t really listening to it that much, as the faster/louder songs kind of blurred by while I was working.

But then his slower, acoustic songs kind of jumped out at me. And I found that while I was somewhat indifferent about the faster songs, the slow ones I really liked. And I found myself going back to a few, over and over again.

My latest obsessive/compulsive track is now “Kick in the Teeth.” The more I listen, the more I find that I’m a fan of his lyrics as well.

When the sharpest blade’s in your shoulder, babe, I suppose,
Oh you’re bound to cut anybody you pull close.

Neat to find that he studied with Paul Muldoon.

I don’t often go digging around, actively searching for new music to listen to. But when I happen across something I like, it’s a nice surprise – as the things I like tend to jump out and grab hold of me. Looking forward to exploring more of D’Amato’s songs.

Even the fast ones.

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