Silly TextExpander Snippets

I’m a big fan of TextExpander, and it’s something I use daily. I’m not quite at a superuser level, but the bits of time it saves me has been well worth the price of the software.

For blogging, I have text snippets that will automatically generate links. Sames goes for when I mention people. Most of my shortcuts involve repeating the first letter of a name or command. So for example, every time I type in “LLiz” – TextExpander notices this and replaces it with an HTML tag that points to Liz’s website.

It’s really useful for things that you find yourself doing, repeatedly. I’ve even got some fun snippets in place for things like Skype chats, where if I type in “sshrug” it turns into this: ¯\_(?)_/¯

Recently, I added a few more snippets I thought were kind of funny and worth sharing. The first is related to the presidential election, where my shortcut will go to the FiveThirtyEight page showing the 2016 Election Forecast.

The next is a snippet that I use for email responses, whenever I accidentally get a message in Gmail intended for someone else who happens to also be named “Felix Jung.”

I always worry that the actual Felix Jung they were trying to contact never got the message, and so I usually try to reply back letting the sender know what happened. And that they didn’t successfully contact the person they were trying to get in touch with.

Because so many of these emails tend to be in German, in order to reply I have to use Google Translate to compose my messages.

After doing this a few times, I got tired of it… and created a simple TextExpander snippet that I could just use from here on out.

I also include a link to my 20×2 talk because it’s on-topic. And hey… it’s always a good time for self-promotion.

If I can’t get the whole world to notice my blog, maybe I can at least get all the Felix Jungs in the world to notice my blog. All the German ones, anyway.

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