Sufjan Stevens: Eugene

While listening to one of my Spotify playlists, I happened across “Eugene” by Sufjan Stevens. The song is from the album lovely and heartbreaking album Carrie & Lowell.

Though my favorite song is still Death with Dignity, this song caught my ear again… and I’ve been listening to it a great deal, particularly on my walks to and from work.

When I went online, I was really curious how Sufjan performed the song. Did he play the guitar himself while singing, or did someone else handle that? The notes sounded quite complex, and I had a hard time imagining both being done by the same person, simultaneously.

After seeing the above video, the finger-picking seemed more do-able. And so I started checking out covers of the song, and a few videos walking through the chords.

As an added bonus, most folks seem to kick into falsetto around F, which is where my voice usually breaks. So even though it’s a bit of a stretch, this song technically falls into my range.

The more I listen, the more impressed I am at the range of the song. It spans two-plus octaves, but never really feels like it’s moving that far or fast, as the song is so melodic you don’t really notice the distance being travelled.

Would be fun to give this song a go.

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