Small Visqueen Night

Though we were both pretty tired by the end of the work day on Monday, Liz and I decided we needed to stick to our schedule. We had a really busy and full (and productive) work day on Sunday. But in our push to get things done before Winter arrives, we decided to suit up and put in a little more time, Monday evening.

By the time I arrived home, Liz had already cut up two remaining wood blocks for the joist spaces. And had laid out a section of Visqueen in preparation to line the wall.

After I installed the wood blocks, we got the Visqueen up.

As I was measuring out the last remaining bit of Visqueen, Liz went to work laying out some cuts on the drywall we’ll be using. By our rough calculations, we likely will go through all the drywall we purchased for the walls. Which may mean another run to get more, for the walls along the stairs.

Silly me, I didn’t take a photo of the finished wall when we got done. It was a short evening, but we did some good work that leaves us ready for when we return to put up the actual drywall.

Next up (hopefully): a night off.

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