A Unique Opportunity Presents Itself… Twice

On the way home Monday evening, I walked home past an excavator that was parked on 55th. The odd thing was that, passing by, I heard that it was running.

I looked inside, and there was no one in the cab. I looked around, and there didn’t seem to be anywhere nearby. The thing was just there, unoccupied, unguarded, and running.

I had a chuckle, imagining opening the door and taking it for a spin around the block. On arriving home, I told Liz about it and was still laughing at the thought of taking the thing on a joyride.

The next morning, as the two of us are walking to work… we passed by the excavator.


I mean, I guess it’s possible that someone started it up again, and then disappeared abruptly again. I dunno – how much gas do these things hold? Can something like this run for 12 or 13 hours, just idling?

I took a few photos, and we made our way to the Metra stop. After about a half a block, I was kicking myself for not even trying the door, to see if it was locked.

Encountering this thing was one of those rare moments, where you can see how your life could diverge down one of two paths. The first involves you walking by, and your life pretty mch stays the same. The second path involves you realizing you’re tired of walking and that you “need a pair of wheels.” That second path involves an encounter with the police, but boy does it leave you with a good story to tell at the bar.

Trivia: Doing a little research, this was a Link-Belt 160 X4 Excavator.

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