A Glitch in Slack

I was checking in on work via Slack today, and clicked on a link to an image that was no longer available. Instead of seeing the image, I got the screen (above) letting me know that “There’s been a glitch.”

I really enjoyed playing Glitch, when it was around. I’m not sure how many folks still remember the game, or know that Slack (one of the main applications tech companies rely on for communication) began as an in-house tool for Tiny Speck.

I love this little nod to the game, and really miss the whimsy and delight of that world. It was a game that relied to much on Flash as Flash was dying, and it’s a shame it couldn’t survive. There’s a great deal of fun and humor in Slack, but it’s not quite the same.

Seeing this inside joke was lovely, albeit a little sad.

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