Long Work Day

Got tapped to fix an issue at work, and it made for a productive (albeit long) kind of day. The initial fix itself wasn’t too bad, but I ended up stumbling across a bug I had introduced in an earlier sprint, and set about fixing that as well.

Most of the work ended up being related to renaming things, and updating a lot of tests. It’s funny how much we do with tests at work (unit as well as end to end), but for my own projects… I seem to rarely use them at all.

One of these days, I really need to give TDD a go. I keep meaning to, but the urge to see something tangible and functional on the screen quickly is too strong a drug.

It makes sense in some ways – I’m not working on a massive, Enterprise-level project. It’s usually just something dumb for myself, or for the Internet. Or both. But I’ve definitely gotten more experience and exposure to testing, and need to fold that into my personal work habits.

I’d like to think I’m disciplined with my work code, because I’m accountable to my coworkers and to my employer. But at home, for my own stuff… I’m only accountable to myself. And sometimes, it’s too easy to just let things slide.

[photo via Andrew Neel]

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