Weekend Lunch at Lagunitas

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Lanny were visiting Julie and Bob this weekend, and on Sunday they drove in to the city to hang out with us. We all met up at Lagunitas, a spot that we all enjoyed a few months back when we visited for Father’s Day.

The black-lit entrance/walkway, where the speakers overhead play Gene Wilder singing “Pure Imagination.”

It’s a lovely way to set the mood, and says a lot about the culture of the company as well.

All six of us got lunch in the tap room, and had a nice time sampling beer and catching up. There was a lot of talk about technology, with devices like Amazon’s echo and how that all works. We also talked a lot about cord-cutting, and the move away from cable TV.

It felt like a quick visit, but we ended up staying there for about 3.5 hours. Surprisingly, Lagunitas isn’t too far from us… and it now really feels like a place we might go back to, a little more often.

Father’s Day at Lagunitas Brewing Company

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