Pancakes and Dinosaurs

Today, we met up with Michelle, Mike, and Fritz for brunch at a place called Yia Yia’s Pancake House. That is to say… we eventually met up with them.

I took this photo of the waiting area, as it was pretty much a zoo. There was one kid for every three adults, and a small classroom of hungry diners were waiting around for seating. To my surprise, we got a number and were told the wait was only 20 minutes.

We got a text a bit later from Michelle saying “We’re inside, but don’t see you.” Turns out, we were both at different locations (there’s one in North Riverside and one in Hinsdale).

A quick check of the map showed that we were about 20 minutes away, so we opted to drive over to Hinsdale instead (which seemed to be the less busy of the two). Ultimately, a great choice – as there were less crowds, and the place was much more spacious.

A tiny dinosaur, as a gift for Fritz. As you can tell, Liz has been really busy with sewing gifts this year (and she’s still going).

Fritz reaching for the dinosaur. Or possibly the coffee. Hard to tell.

Group photo! The last time I saw Fritz was in July – but he looks so huge now, compared to what I remember! I wonder how big he’ll be, the next time we have our next brunch?

Brunch with Michelle, Mike, and Fritz
Meeting Baby Fritz
Brunch Along the Chicago Marathon Route

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