Last Brunch in Portland

We didn’t have a ton of time today, as we were flying back to Chicago. But we made a point to return to Besaws as our last breakfast before leaving.

We arrived with the place pretty packed (Sunday morning definitely looks a lot busier), and had to wait a while. But we were able to grab a coffee and wait for our table next door at the Solo Club.

From here, we spent the rest of the day slowly making our way through airports and back to Chicago. We arrived home around 9:00 PM after a long week away. I think we stayed up much later than normal, as our bodies had just gotten used to the 2 hour time difference. Only for us to now work on resetting those clocks.

Portland Anniversary, Day 1: Relocation
Portland Anniversary, Day 2: Comics, Portland Art Museum, Dinner at Le Pigeon
Portland Anniversary, Day 3: Japanese Garden, Pittock Mansion, Beer with Michael and Amanda, Living Room Theater
Portland Anniversary, Day 4: Schoolhouse Electric, Multnomah Falls, Dinner at A Cena
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Portland Anniversary, Day 6: Ground Kontrol, Billy Galaxy, Powell’s, Pine Street Market, Vault, Pink Rabbit, Sizzle Pie

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