Relaxing with Tests and Types

While I was on “vacation” this last week, my main focus was to get work done on the house (and the outside driveway work). When I did have some downtime, I spent it… surprise, surprise… on the computer, coding on a personal project.

I have one larger project I’ve set aside (because I apparently don’t like to finish personal projects). And instead, after updating a few bots hosted on Heroku… I decided it was time to refactor them. The bots were 3+ years old, and I thought it would be a nice excuse to dabble a bit with TypeScript.

At work there are several devs, whose work and approach I admire, who are strong advocates for TypeScript. And it’s something the team I’m on is seriously considering adopting. So I thought I’d try it out a little bit, during my off time.

While doing my refactor, I tried a slightly more TDD approach. In using TypeScript and writing more tests, I felt much slower overall – but there definitely was a sense of satisfaction as well.

There’s more for me to learn, but this felt like a fun first attempt. Seeing all my test passing, along with the absence of any TypeScript errors, felt really good.

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