I’m Seeing Double Here: Four Bagsters!

Not really how I wanted to spend my day today, but given the (somewhat) warm weather… I worked a lot on cleaning up our drivway.

We’ve had several bins full of soil: part of it from the slab pour, part of it from yard work, part of it from leveling out the parkway. Lots and lots of soil to get rid of.

So that’s what I ended up doing today: hauling things from our driveway out to some Bagsters.

This took up the majority of my time, but actually went a bit faster than you would think.

After all the bins were cleared out, I swept and relocated a lot of things that were taking up space. The driveway itself was pretty loaded up with small debris and junk… and after sweeping, feels like a whole new space.

Double bagsters (this may be the first time I’ve done this). They’re not filled to the brim, but I think we had enough debris to justify two. Pretty long afternoon. Given how little I feel I helped yesterday, today’s work makes me feel a bit better.

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