Ceiling Cleanup

Wasn’t really feeling all that motivated today, but ended up pulling myself out of bed late morning and suiting up. I wanted to get a bit of progress on the first floor, and had in mind to clean up a few ceiling areas downstairs.

First up: cleaning some loose drywall in the dining room. Just used the grinder to cut a clean line and made space for a (future) patch.

Prior to this, I put up a lot of Visqueen to protect the rooms from the dust from the grinder. The bunnies were relocated to the living room (which can now be isolated from the rest of the floor).

Did some more demo on the hall side of things, removing some ceiling plaster and lathe where we want to add in a closet.

Overall, the actual demo work was quick. The cleanup time (sweeping and cleaning everything with the shop vac, putting things back in place) was way, way worse. All of this took a few hours, and easily the cleanup was at least double the actual work time.

Dining Room Demo

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