Drywall Night

Now that we’re back home and rested (and recuperated) from our trip to Costa Rica, Liz and I are trying to dig in deep and put in time towards house work.

We’re both really tired after a full day of work, but we’ve taken it easy since our return… and decided we wanted to make more progress on the living room.

We’ve got a lot of drywall on the walls (3/8″ sitting on a length of backer board), and our next step is to add another layer of 1/2″ drywall.

We had a lot of conversations tonight, about our approach. In some ways, the drywall upstairs was both easier and harder than what we’re doing now. Given some of the corners and windows we’re dealing with down here, we’re finding ourselves in some newer territory.

Living Room Ceiling Drywall, Part 1

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