Living Room Ceiling Drywall, Part 1

Yesterday, Bob was over and helped us start to hang new drywall on our living room ceiling. We started off the morning with some math lessons, wiht Bob explaining how we can’t assume a corner is a true 90… and how we factor the offset needed, so that subsequent boards will be straight.

Coffee ledge.

First ceiling drywall, with notches and adhesive.

Bob, prepping the board.

Liz, getting to use the drywall lift officially for the first time.

Bob, framing out a window while Liz and I continue work on the ceiling.

I hate to say it, but we argued a great deal while working today. It wasn’t a very pleasant or stress-free experience. I got frustrated often, and Liz and I went back and forth a lot.

I think we both have very different approaches and learning styles. But, we trudged through it. We oftentimes have difficulty at first, when we tackle complex tasks together. It’s been a while since we’ve done something like this, so I guess we’re bound to be a little sharp around the edges.

A better moment: kissing while up on a Baker scaffold.

Liz, cutting up a portion of a board.

Raising ’em up!

Good progress for a day – got most of the ceiling up, save just a few smaller pieces at the ends.

A long, and challenging day. But it felt like we maybe got into a decent grove towards the end there. It’s been a busy time these last few weeks, and today was no exception.

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