Alanis Morissette: Ablaze

I’m not someone who really listens to Alanis Morissette, though I do know most of the major hits she had in the 90’s. I happened across this very recent video of hers, for the song “Ablaze” – and learned it’s from the first album in the last eight years.

In addition to the song, I found myself pulling up this video more than once over the last few days. I was just mesmerized by Morissette’s interactions with her daughter. As someone who is a terrible multi-tasker, as someone who is not a parent… I was just in awe of her.

It got me thinking about the pandemic, about how many of us are still trying to do our best, our jobs, from home. And how even more of us are also trying to figure out how to raise our families, in isolation, from home.

I realized I kept re-watching this to see Morissette handle her responsibilities as both musician and parent masterfully. I’m watching someone do all these things at once: doing their job remotely, doing their job as a parent, and doing it all with a great deal of kindness. It was a lovely thing to see, in an era of video conference calls.

And, of course, as a topper: all those lovely, lovely books in the background.

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