Passenger: Sword from the Stone

I happened across a new album by Passenger recently, and it’s all I’ve been playing for days. I’m a big fan of his song Fear of Fear (and the album Whispers II), but haven’t really gotten into his other albums.

This album got me, and this song in particular is what drew me in:

Interesting side fact: I also follow a talented photographer named Jarrad Seng, who ended up touring a lot with Passenger and has directed a lot of videos for him.

Seng was also the guy who pretended to be Steve Aoki, during a Steve Aoki concert. Fun stuff.

// Edit – Interesting tidbit 2: turns out Passenger did a duet with Gregory Alan Isakov (another favorite artist of mine), covering James Taylor’s Sweet Baby James (also a favorite song of mine).

Passenger: Fear of Fear
On Being Mistaken A Lot For Popular DJ Steve Aoki: Felix Jung, 20×2 Chicago

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