Shamrocks in the Kitchen

A long while ago, long before Coronavirus was a thing… Liz got a few shamrocks.

We’ve kept them out on the front porch throughout the year. But it’s gotten colder lately. And they were out in the cold a bit too long, and were neglected a bit too long.

They’re inside now, and in the kitchen where we’ve had less and less space (nearly everything got moved in here, since we got our new floor installed).

It’s odd to see them in this state. Withered from being outside, and a few fresh stems after returning indoors.

I realized today that, once again, the anniversary of her death passed by without me noticing.

The statistics I’ve been seeing and reading, regarding rates of Covid infection and people requiring hospitalization, continue to rise. Outside, bad; inside, good.

It’s difficult not to think about death, recently. This winter feels like it will be particularly dark.

Felix Jung, 20×2 Chicago: Why Did You Stop?
Red Shamrocks: Remembering Ann Paeth
Ann Paeth(2006)
Ann Paeth: One Year Ago

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