What Liz and I have been doing lately is not sustainable. I think there’s some part of us both that recognizes this, and that understands it. But we’ve been slowly working more and more, despite being fully remote. Any extra time we gain from not needing a commute, has gotten thrown back into working hours.

I don’t expect any reasonable return to a physical office space until late 2021. And even then, that seems optimisitc.

I have had and seen coworkers burn out. So far, I’ve been holding pretty steady… but there’s a part of me that wonders how long until I go the same way. Liz and I have talked, briefly, about trying to come up with ways to better separate our work and personal lives. Because so far this year, we’ve not done a great job of that.

As we go into 2021, as we near a full year of working remotely… I think something needs to change.

[photo via Cris Saur]

Busy Weeks

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