Busy Weeks

It’s been a series of late nights, for me and Liz. And while I’ve been busy lately, putting in a lot of late hours… it really pales in comparison to what Liz has been going through, for several weeks now.

This has been the part of the year where it’s busy for Liz, and for her department. On top of that, there’s been a change in administration higher up and several new approaches to how they want to consume and evaluate data. So that’s meant more work during an already busy time that requires a lot of work.

Without hyperbole, Liz has been working nonstop for weeks now. Late nights during the week, long days over the weekend. As an outside observier: it’s been brutal.

We’re approaching and end to things: a big/important presentation for Liz, and the upcoming Thanksgiving holidays for me.

It’s hard to overstate just how much we’ve been working lately. But Liz in particular.

[photo via Fabian Petersen]

Late Nights
Late Night Work Nights

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