Digging into the Archives

I was working on the house recently, and when I was looking for music to play… ended up looking at my Spotify collection by Album (sorting only by album name).

This was a fun thing, as I ended up remembering a ton of albums I haven’t listened to in… well, in ages. A lot of digging into old favorites, songs from a bygone era.

Camera Obscura: a throwback to 2004, and a specific memory of Chris calling this the “album of the summer.” I spent a lot more of my time online, and there was a much stronger connection between my online friends and my IRL friends (music being one of those connectors).

The Shins: Even earlier than above, I think. I’m reminded of early Chicago, a few years after I arrived here fresh out of graduate school.

Sugar: the album Copper Blue is a definitive one that takes me back, instantly, to my undergraduate days at Indiana University. I know this album better than I know anything Husker Du, and I immediately think of my old, good friend Jim. Who was one of the first people I encountered who were incredibly passionate about music. And who introduced me to so many artist and albums that I think of as “classic,” all these years on.

Of a list of songs that would define my youth, this one (and this album) are most definitely on the list.

Camera Obscura (2004)
Southwest (2003)
Goodbye, Rdio

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