Removing Rust with Electrolysis, Part 1

As part of our errands a few days ago, Liz stocked up on several items from Home Depot to try her hand at removing rust via electrolysis. We’ve got several items to clean, and one of the bigger ones are the cast iron vent covers from the first floor.

The process involves a car battery charger, some lengths of rebar, copper wire, and a tub fill of water with washing soda. One danger we learned: you cannot use stainless stell as one of the wires in the process, as that will end up creating some really nasty toxic stuff you don’t want to be near.

Liz, assembling the rods in place with holes drilled at each corner to affix things.

Sadly, the process worked briefly, initially, with this low level of water. But on subsequent attempts with the bin more full with water… the battery seemed to refuse to cooperate.

Liz ended up ordering a newer battery, with a goal to try again.

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