The Mysterious Office

Liz and I took a walk after work. Unusual for us, as we haven’t done a lot of walks since Winter kicked in. This was probably the first time both of us had ventured out more than 100 feet from our property in many, many weeks.

We had a package to send at FedEx, and decided to do it after the work day. A good excuse to get out of the house, and a good excuse to get a little exercise in. Because at this point, walking more than 40 paces is considered exercise.

We passed the abandoned car which, it seems, is still in its same spot. Window still open. And covered in a coat of snow.

In a weird way, it was somewhat reassuring to see this guy there, in the same place. There are some constants in the world, even with how unusual the last year has been.

On the way back, we passed by an office where I noticed some writing on the windows. The fact that the blinds were drawn made them stand out a bit more. They looked like chemical formulas/notations.

Here’s a close-up, with the image reversed. Anyone have any ideas on what this is?

On a nearby window, same office, there looked to be this decision tree.

Here’s the same image, reversed.

It’s a bit hard to see, but the words encased in a box on the left says “Crimescene Correlation.” Which was… very surprising to see. What the heck is this chart for? And how does it tie into the chemical notations?

Here’s a peek into the office, through the front door. I didn’t see any signs anywhere, and have no idea what folks are doing here. Maybe some sort of CSI Hyde Park situation.

A Note We Weren’t Meant to See

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