Revisiting Polytopia

Lately, I’ve been re-playing Polytopia – a game I played many years ago, and one that’s still on my iPhone to this day.

It’s still a phenomenal game, and my current objective has been to try to get three stars on “Perfection” mode. I’m still not quite good enough to get close to the 50,000 points needed, but I’m improving?

I’ve only played this game on my phone (and sometimes on the iPad), but I’m tempted to actually purchase it again/anew for my Mac via Steam.

I should note that I’ve only played with the standard four tribes that come with the game, and have not yet explored/purchased the newer tribes that have come out. Though I’m pretty tempted to do so at this point.

I heartily recommend Polytopia, particularly if you haven’t tried it before. The expansion/tribes are a nice bonus, but the core game is incredibly fun and satisfying.

The Battle of Polytopia

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