Liz and I have been talking about a trip for a while now. Last year, we had plans to travel. But last year was 2020, so I’m guessing a whole lot of other people also had plans to travel, and didn’t.

We actually had airline tickets purchased last year. But ended up having to cancel, and converted them to vouchers. With both of us now fully vaccinated, we’re looking to use those tickets and actually take a real vacation, for the first time in a long while.

When we were talking vacation plans earlier, though our preference was Scotland… we were actually debating Iceland, instead. Mostly due to the fact that Scotland’s Covid rules require those visiting from Amber countries (the USA is one) would need to self-isolate for 10 days.

Self-isolation was not required for those with documentation of vaccination from the NHS. Unfortunately for us, despite being vaccinated in the US… we’d end up having to self-isolate.

Amazingly, while we were looking into all the details of travel to Scotland (and trying to make it work), we got news that Scotland changed its rules for international travelers.

To be honest, I still have a sense of trepidation about Covid. I’m having a hard time adjusting my thinking to the idea that everything is ok or normal again, or at least a kind of vaccinated normal.

It’s hard to know if I truly feel it’s safe to travel. Or if I want to travel so badly, that I feel it’s safe.

My sense of the Delta variant is that it’s there, but I’m at a very low risk given my vaccination. And at a low risk for death and hospitalization as a result, as well.

At the moment, it seems like things can’t get any better in terms of travel. Bans are being lifted, and things are opening up once again. I think my sense of reserve stems from what I worry about – a future thing, of what might happen. Of what the Delta variant might become, or even future variants.

But that’s no way to really plan or live. It’s just a worry that sits.

I don’t know if Liz or I truly feel ready to travel. We’re just getting used to being out and about again, even still.

But it feels like the right time to travel. Even if we’re still getting our heads around the idea of it.

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