Early Espresso

From time to time, I have this pattern: wake up early, run some errands at the nearby Walgreen’s, stop for an espresso at the French bakery.

This all happens fairly early, circa 7-7:30 AM. But it’s a nice start to my morning, in that I’ll sit and sip on this espresso for a little while, before heading home.

Today, the woman making my drink accidentally did a single instead of a double. As she was remaking my order, she offered me the single for free. Had I been a younger man, still in undergrad or grad school, I might have taken her up on the offer. And downed all three shots, before dashing back home at a full sprint.

But I just opted for the double espress, and a bit of quite time… before starting my walk back. The weather has been really nice in Chicago, these last few days, but I don’t expect it to last for too much longer. Won’t have too many more chances for mornings like this.

A Strong Start to the Morning
4 Shots On Ice
I’m Seeing Double Here! Four Espressos!

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