The Bunnies Return

It’s been a few weeks since we saw any rabbits in the backyard, and I was getting a bit concerned. But this weekend, we saw a few guys lazing around in our neighbor’s yard.

Nothing quite compares to the amazing show we got back in July. But we do have some small hawks in the area, and there’s at least one cat that prowls around. So there are a few things that could go wrong for these little guys.

Glad to see they’re ok, and still enjoying the yard as a place to laze about.

This tiny guy watched me as I went up/down the back porch. Never quite ran away, but was definitely keeping tabs on me.

Couldn’t tell if this was the same guy, or another bunny. Also pretty calm, and watched me as I went in/out.

I was prepping dinner for our (indoor) bunnies, and I came out here with a few sprigs of parsley. I wasn’t expecting a Snow White moment, where he’d jump over and eat out of my hand… but I did get pretty close, before he ran off.

They seem fairly comfortable with our presence at the moment. I wonder if I’d ever be able to get close enough to feed them directly.

Bold Backyard Bunnies

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