Renegade Holiday Craft Fair, Pulaski Park Fieldhouse

Thanks to my coworker Christine, I found out that there was a Renegade Holiday Craft Fair going on this weekend. Our weekend plans shifted around considerably, as this became our big to-do on Saturday.

Liz, outside the Pulaski Park Fieldhouse, ready to get her craft on.

The Fieldhouse itself is pretty large, with three large rooms to explore (two gymnasiums and one auditorium). Lots of booths, all crammed next to one another.

This is in Gym 1, at the far end looking towards the entrance. Liz and I showed up pretty close to the start (noon), and as the next hour wore on… more and more folks started showing up.

This was the booth for So Silly, where we bought a few shirts.

Along the back, there’s a lengthy corridor linking all of the rooms, that curves around the entire Fieldhouse. The windows look out onto Pulaski Park proper, and for some reason everytime I walk through here… I’m reminded of a monastary. It’s weird, and I’m not sure why. But that’s what I think of.

Gym 2, looking in from the entryway.

A great both with a great name: Pursecution.

A few of the purses on sale.

View from the back of Gym 2.

We didn’t buy anything here, but I know a few folks who would appreciate a “I Have A Zombie Escape Plan” shirt. Some cool stuff on display from Christine Renee at Re-Conceived.

In the main auditorium, up on stage looking out over the room.

This is Rob Christopher, of RandomCha Press. I didn’t end up buying a copy of his 100 Spinning Plates, but I liked the fact that a writer had his own booth, and was selling his wares. It was also interesting to see what was, in effet, a work of hypertext fiction represented in a physical (print) format.

View of the auditorium from the entryway. This room was very large, and the mural arching over the stage was incredibly beautiful.

Handmade jewelry from Cold Licorice.

Cards and prints from Orange Willow.

While I wasn’t terribly excited by all the stuff I saw, it was still pretty great to have a Renegade event right near the holidays. The booths were in pretty close quarters, and as the afternoon wore on it got harder and harder to navigate around the throng of people. We did end up doing a lot of shopping, though it was definitely more for others than for ourselves.

I’d heartily recommend any Renegade event, especially if you’ve never been. Check out pics/videos from prior Renegade Fairs:

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  1. hah – you missed us. Kate and her parents and I all swung down to the Renegade fair saturday as well.Before heading downtown to the One off show at the Merch mart – frankly – I’m a little craft-itemed-out. :)

    Liam Strain Reply

  2. sad to have missed this once again. Next time give me a little heads-up and i’ll be there!

    ben Reply

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