The Advertising Gauntlet Has Returned

Last week, I noticed that the tunnel between the Jackson Blue/Red line was full up with repeating ads again. The gauntlet has returned.

Last time Flip ads appeared everywhere, the ads were isolated to the walls. And all the floor ads were near the State street exit.

This time around, it feels like every inch of the tunnel is plastered. Not only is there a giant floor ad, they’ve got small ads placed on the metal from the overhead lights. Is it fair to say that 25% of the tunnel is covered with ads for this product?

Here’s the kicker: I actually like the Flip camera. I got the chance to use it when I was trying out for the Month at the Museum contest. It was incredibly intuitive, and quite fun to use, actually.

I genuinely like the product. But walking to work now feels a bit like someone’s slowly tapping against my head, each step of the way.

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  1. This is the bane of my existence right now. How can the CTA justify this horrific eyeball assault? It’s so obnoxious it makes me want to use my Flip even less than I do now (which is already next to never). The product’s nice, but this is an advertising fail.

    Chris Reply

  2. I have been avoiding this tunnel (in these temperatures!!!) and walking the frigid overland specifically to avoid this onslaught. It dizzies me into a severe state of dislike for Flip… even though we already have one and like the device itself!

    Allison Reply

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