First Snow in Wellington, New Zealand, In Over 30 Years

You weren’t always so grown up.

Remember when you used to run outside, to play in the sun or the rain? Or better yet, when you would spend hours out in the snow, building forts and snowmen? This was back when you didn’t get so cold so quickly, when you could go without gloves and your laughter kept you warm.

There’s a sense of wonderment that we lose as we get older. We see and experience so many amazing things… a side effect of this is that amazing things wind up becoming commonplace. We lose our sense of awe too easily.

Yesterday, the citizens of Wellington, New Zealand experienced their first snowfall in over 30 years. Filmmaker Ro Tierney was on hand to document the event.

It’s an absolute blast to watch everyone’s reactions, old and young alike. Everyone (well, almost everyone) had this child-like look of amazement about them. Watching all these people, epecially the adults… made me smile. And made me feel like a kid again.

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