Bert the Conqueror

Bert Kreischer is a funny guy. He’s a stand-up comedian, but also has a pretty interesting past. I learned of him over the weekend while browsing around my Netflix Streaming options… and came across his show: Bert the Conqueror.

The premise is pretty straight-forward. Bert travels around the country, hitting up amusement parks and pretty much any venue where there’s an unusual ride, event or challenge. At first, I thought the premise seemed a little weak (how exciting could it really be, watching some dude ride rides). But after an episode, I found myself really enjoying both Bert’s banter and his girlish screaming.

He purports to have a fear of heights, which is kind of crazy to me (especially given the kinds of rides he went on, at both Cedar Point and Las Vegas). I have to say… watching this show, my palms are instantly sweaty.

I’ll leave you with a fun clip of Bert, visiting a home-made contraption in someone’s backyard called The Human Slingshot:

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