Sunday Morning at the Lincoln Park Conservatory

Liz and I headed over to the Lincoln Park Zoo early this morning, to go take some photos at the Lincoln Park Conservatory. Liz has been participating in weekly projects via Sew Weekly – and so we have a standing appointment to do photoshoots on Sunday mornings. With all the snow out, we decided going someplace warm (and indoors) would be best.

On our way to the conservatory – despite there being a ton of cars parked on the road, we didn’t really see all that many people.

Funny to see this sign, amidst a sea of snow-covered cars.

The sign near this guy said it was a mosaic plant, but I must have gotten it confused with something else. Not sure why this plant was in its own display case. It made me think of hockey and penalty boxes.

// Note: I’ve got some nice photos of Liz to post up, but part of her deal with Sew Weekly is that images can’t appear on other sites, before it appears there. So I’ll come back and un-comment out a few things, tomorrow.

// Update: Just got the all-clear.

Liz, posing on a bench.

Peeking from one room, into the next.

While we were shooting, I spotted this small little display area with a few carnivorous plants inside. Sadly, new venus flytraps… mostly just a few pitcher plants.

Some Cattleya Orchids.

Not 100% on this, but I think is called Cardinal’s Guard.

Perhaps not the best image to end on. I spotted this water fountain near the front doors, in the main foyer area when you first walk in to the conservatory. I’m sure the water’s fine, but I’m not sure how many people would actually dip in for a drink of water here.

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